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Welcome to my children's book page!

To order "The Snoring Princess" for $12 (the complete 15-minute soundtrack is also available on CD for $5 or for just $2.99 at or
"The Adventures of Kaluwara in the Galapagos Islands" for just $15,
email Allie at (click here!) or call 703.573.5773.
The books can be mailed to you for an additional $5 S&H, or just pick them up and skip the shipping charge! Checks or cash also accepted.

Hope to hear from you soon! Love, Allie

The Snoring Princess


The Adventures of Kaluwara in the Galapagos Islands


An excerpt from The Snoring Princess soundtrack. The full 15-minute soundtrack is available at or direct from Allie!
Also now available -

The Snoring Princess
by Allison Chase Sutherland

Fourth Printing

Full-Color Illustrations

Ideal for toddlers to grade 3!

To order, contact me at
$17 + $5 S&H

Full 15-minute soundtrack now available at!

Autographed (personalized) copies available!!

Kaluwara Audio - This audio excerpt is only available here! Check it out!


The Adventures of
Kaluwara the Koala
in the Galapagos Islands

by Allison Chase Sutherland 

Third Printing

Full-Color Illustrations

Ideal for grades 2-6!

To order, contact me at
$15 + $5 S&H

Enjoy the first three chapters
at the Galapagos Conservancy
(scroll to the bottom for the link).

On sale also at
Meadowlark Botanical Gardens,
Northern Virginia Regional Park Authority
in the gift shop!

Galapagos children's programs / book readings / author signings. 


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